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A recent Zyxel survey of European partners highlighted a trend of stronger revenue stability from partners who leverage the MSP model, compared to those who didn’t. Looking beyond the next 12 months, analysts forecast a strong growth for MSPs, with the global value of the industry anticipated to see a CAGR of 11.27% by 2025.*

That’s why at Zyxel, we’re focussed on helping resellers to easily implement managed services into their existing portfolio, while enabling existing MSPs to enhance their managed service offering. Zyxel’s range of easy-to-deliver services are ideal for SMBs and businesses looking to reduce customer IT costs in “the new normal”, without compromising on quality.


The MSP Opportunity

The events of 2020 have accelerated the need for managed services

2020 has driven an immediate need for change in how networks are deployed, maintained and managed. Following a rush to deploy remote working solutions, the question now is how optimised, secure and sustainable are these networks, and how can they be maintained with restricted access to sites?

Managed service providers are in a prime position to help customers build and manage networks that meet the needs of the new normal. As an MSP, you’ll be equipped to support modern network challenges and secure new revenue streams for your business.

Explore the benefits of becoming an MSP

Download our 2020 MSP whitepaper and infographic and discover why managed services are set to grow in “the new normal”.

Whitepaper: Getting started as an MSP

Find out how to kick off your MSP evolution and what you need to do to make it profitable.


Infographic: Top 5 MSP Benefits

Get to grips with the MSP opportunity and understand the main benefits in this quick-to-read infographic.



Zyxel MSP Services

Explore Zyxel’s MSP solutions and the flagship cloud product Nebula.

Take control of the current situation and evolve your MSP offering with a range of simple-to-onboard managed network services and licenses from Zyxel.

Providing a flexible approach to expanding your MSP business, Zyxel ensures you can deliver full network management, proactive support and detailed reporting remotely, as well as deliver pre-configured “plug and play” hardware and leased equipment. Find out how you can grow your business with Zyxel below.

Zyxel MSP products and services

Discover why Zyxel is the perfect partner for your business as you look to build your MSP portfolio. Read our datasheets to discover everything you need to get started today.

Explore Zyxel Nebula Managed Cloud Networking

Explore how you can utilise the Zyxel Nebula Cloud Networking model for your customers.


Preconfigured hardware services from Zyxel

Discover how Zyxel can help you lower costs, save time and reduce the need for on-site visits.



Webinars and Training

Grow your MSP knowledge at one of our events and training sessions.

Learn how to face the challenges and opportunities presented by 2020 head on. Zyxel hosts regular events, webinars, workshops and training sessions to support resellers and MSPs looking to make the most of the MSP opportunity this year and in the future.

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Discover the benefits of becoming an MSP


Build a Managed Service Business in 30 Days - Karl Palachuk


Learn how to build an MSP Organization



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We offer technical and sales training to support you as you get to grips with Nebula and the wider Zyxel portfolio, and provide hands-on support as you develop your managed services proposition. Once onboarded, our channel team will share qualified end user leads to help ensure continued MSP success.

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